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I’m honored to have been invited to speak at the 2018 Flambeau Noir International Left-Hand Path Conference in Portland, Oregon, weekend April 27-29! The subject of my talk will be Secrets of Holy Fire. I’ll be speaking alongside such other LHP luminaries as Jeremy Crow, Peter Grey, and Michael Ford. Start making your arrangement now to come join us for a weekend of magic and mayhem!

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Greetings all! I wanted you all to be aware of an event that I am producing next year. It's called Flambeau Noir and will be held in Portland, Oregon USA on the weekend of April 27th-29th, 2018. This is an international occult themed conference which leans toward the Left Hand Path.

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From Vol. 8 of Hal McGee's IEAAProject. These extraordinary artists are from the USA. Hear more of their music at

Asmodeus X

The Bright Ones

The Bright Ones is the 4th studio album by Asmodeus X released 2012 by Kreislauf Records

Paul Fredric - Programs, Loops, Voice, Samples, Theremin

Joel 313 – Percussion, Voice

Vasquez – Keys, Programs, Loops

Marshal –Keys

Frank Faust – Guitars on The Tiger

Steffen Rudolf – Lyrics for Grosser Haus

Recorded 2008 - 2010, Fjardesson Studios, Houston Texas

Engineered by Al Rutter

Produced by Paul Fredric

Mastered by Alien Implant

Artwork – Komodokat

Label – Kreislauf

Formats – CD/DD

With the experience of releasing and regional touring for Sanctuary behind them, Asmodeus X sat down to start working on their new material. As they did so the playing field quickly expanded with the addition of new people, new technology, and new perspectives.

Chris Vasquez was a guitarist by trade in the band Pitchfork, who shared studio space at Fjardesson. He was frequently present for Asmo jam sessions, which also often included beer and sessions of Halo 2 on Xbox, both of which ‘Vas’ was also a huge fan of. Vas was something of a guitar virtuoso in the Houston scene, and no one would have dared to ask him to try playing keyboards. But he was also a bit of an IT prodigy, and after offering up a couple of amazing remixes for Sanctuary tracks, his transition to Asmo keyboards began to make more sense.

As Vas began offering loops and samples that would eventually morph into songs like The Bright Ones, Grosser Haus, and Find Another Way, new software and new keyboards came into the mix as well. Live tracks for the new album were still recorded at Fjardesson; then exported to either Paul or Vas’ remote studios for mixing, chopping and massaging; and finally returned to Fjardesson for a final mixdown.

Contributions were collected from a variety of unique resources. Deceased band member Gary Lesikar’s guitar tracks from the previously unreleased song The Tiger were recovered and mixed and chopped to create The Temple. German road-tech Steffen Rudolf proved lyrics for the German-sung Grosser Haus. Paul Fredric’s Theremin (which hadn’t been used since Wolf Age) was pulled out for Planet E. Everything eventually coalesced with the Bright Ones as a sort of cosmic prayer for transcendence, and it was clear this would be the title track.

Alien Implant – who had previously worked with Asmo while mastering Latex Records’ Primal River Valley project – was the clear choice for mastering. They knew Mr. Implant’s uncompromising approach and keen ear was just what was needed.

Komodokat, who had furnished same for all of Asmo’s previous releases, provided artwork again. The images reflected the celestial feel of The Bright Ones, with swirling galaxy scapes, dark silhouettes, and environmentally sampled images from around Fjardesson in Houston’s Montrose area.

As the process of creating The Bright Ones continued to unfold, events in the member’s lives and circumstances took some unexpected turns as well; resulting in the closing of Fjardesson Studios and long-time keyboardist and founding member Brad Marshal leaving the group.

Indeed one might ask, who are the Bright Ones? Aliens? Angels? Demons? Or three guys in Houston who refuse to give in and just keep coming back, resurrected and reborn.

Asmodeus X Live in Ybor City, Tampa FL, December 2016 @ Pschedelic Blasphemy Electric Hellfire Club Reunion show.

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Music video collaboration with the crew of Asmodeus X. The studio performance was produced by Paul Fredric and I added the cgi animation. Download The Bright Ones at Check out for more info! Follow us on Twitter: Asmo_X Check out our fan page on Facebook!

Flyer Gallery. Been a lot of shows over the years - lotta good times with a lotta good people.


Astaroth was one of our faves from Sanctuary. Cosmic demonology and space migration. We're being called home, but is Earth home?

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